Bear Lake Fishing Report

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Bear Lake Fishing Report:


Boats can be launched and the Utah State Park Marina, 1st Point, Cisco Beach, and Rainbow Cove boat ramps, but First Point and Rainbow Cove are shallow so only use them for smaller boats.  There is a courtesy dock in the water at Cisco Beach, but the loose, rocky shoreline requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Surface water temperature is 72F.  Cutthroat trout and lake trout fish has been fair along the east side of the lake.  UDWR gill net sampling this week revealed that cutthroat and lake trout are found mainly in water deeper than 60 feet.  The highest concentrations of cutthroat trout were found at 125-175’.  Not many people try trolling at this depth but based on the catches in the nets the fishing should be good.  All trout have been eating cisco and a few sculpin, so any type of minnow lure (rapala, flatfish, etc.) should work.  A few anglers reported catching a few nice sized cutthroat trout this past weekend off the Cisco Beach area in 90-100′ of water.  Best luck has come in the early mornings. Remember, in order to keep a cutthroat trout from Bear Lake it must have a healed fin clip (usually the adipose fin).  Cutthroat trout with all fins intact have to be released


Garden City Community Fishery Pond

Pond was stocked with some cutthroat trout brood last week.  Fishing has been good for these fish that average over a pound a piece.  Also, rainbow trout fishing has been good using small spoons and spinners and wooly buggers behind a bubble.  Try dry flies on the surface in the morning and evenings. Powerbait and worms will always work too.  The pond level was a bit lower the last couple of weeks, but the pond will be filling in the next few days.


Laketown Reservoir

Pond level is lower but stable.  There is a lot of moss (filamentous algae) which has made shore fishing difficult, however, anglers are still doing well for rainbow trout using worms, flies and spinners.


Randolph Reservoir (Little Creek Reservoir)

Lake levels are about 3 feet below full pool and there is still plenty of water to launch a small boat and/or float tubes.  Not a lot of pressure, but rainbows should be active using powerbait and worms.  Also try small spoons and spinners and wooly buggers behind a bubble.

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