Mako Madness, day 1

Day one of my Mako Shark adventure is officially in the books! I’m in my bed, arms are very sore, and all I can think about is tomorrow!! Having Sharks at the boat, casting to them with a fly rod, watching them eat the fly, then comes the fight! Think about it!! You’ve purposely tied yourself to one of the fastest Apex predators in the ocean…..what a rush!!

Hooked On Utah & The Outdoors

Streamer FishingLearn how to fish streamer flies in this episode. Streamers are bigger flies that you fish on an active retrieve, and these flies imitate baitfish, crayfish, leeches, and large aquatic insects like hellgrammites. Streamers are the fly-fishing equivalent of conventional lures. Because they fly is usually moving, strikes can be explosive. Streamers are a great way to cover a lot of water and are the best flies to use when you don’t know what fish are eating, or if you are fishing unfamiliar water. Streamers are perfect for the impatient angler because you move the fly a lot and don’t stay in one place very long. And streamers are typically the best flies to use when you want to catch big fish!